Parent & baby space wankers.


Right, parent & baby spaces. Does anyone else want to punch the fuck out of people who use them without kids! Or worse people that leave the kids old enough just sitting in them! Or worse WORSE, with an adult sitting in the car chilling with the kids! I could do time for these fucktards

I’m sure some of you aware or remember the time, I had a full blown SCREAMING match with a 6ft tall & 4ft wide knob man, in Romford over one. Security were called, I had an audience! If my dad/brothers/baby daddy had been within a mile, I would of rang them & told them to come & reign down the pain on this FAT BASTARD. But they wasn’t, so I had to use my lungs 😎

To jog some memories. I pulled into a parent & baby space in Romford car park. I had to use my boss parking skills to get into it. The parked car next to me had decided to park as far over as it could from the other parked car. You know like those knobs do! Because they think there car is so precious! But anyway I parked.

I only had Maximus & Bear then. I may of been pregnant but I can’t remember how far back it was. But Bear was in the baby car seat, and the other car was parked so close to me that I couldn’t open the door wide enough to get the car seat out. Remember it’s a parent & baby space, so the point of them is to have the extra room!

Now I’m not a knob until someone gives me reason. So I opened the door as carefully as I could & RESTED it on the car next to me, to get the kids out. Well, as I was about to get one of them out, this man came over SHOUTING at me! Telling me I better get my door off his car & how id be paying for the damage 🀯

So obvs I’m in shock, coz this man has just come out of no where & is going off like a lunatic. I laughed 🀣 and told him firstly I hadn’t banged his car, so there wasn’t no damage! But he kept telling me I would be paying. So I then when into full on attack mode. And started screaming that THERE ISNT ANY DAMAGE. And even if there was I wouldn’t be paying fuck all! I told him he shouldn’t of parked in a parent and baby space. He laughed & told me it had fuck all to do with him. So now the crowds are having a gander. I told him he was a fat lazy prick who had high cholesterol πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ He continued on about his shit car, it was a BMW, not even new! So I kept tell screaming that I didn’t give a shit about his SHIT car & he wouldn’t get fuck all off me. The security guard is now on the scene trying to calm me down. The man is laughing and telling me I have problems 😎 I’m repeating YOU’RE LAZY over & over & over again.

I was only thankful that I had closed the car doors & not got any of the babies out yet. Coz I would of looked like scum of the earth screaming, whilst my children were crying their eyes out.

Whilst he was giving it the big ol’ I am, I clocked his work t shirt.

Eventually I went on my way. But after seeing the argument that happened on the news yesterday over a space. I can see how and why people get so angry! But the man I argued with, it wasn’t even really about the space. It was more how he came over shouting at me. Basically trying to bully me! And for sure because I was a woman. I know he thought I’d shit myself & apologise. And that shit gives me the rage so bad! HOW FUCKING DARE HE. But lucky for me, I grew up in my house, where this was a walk in the park for me.

When I got home I facebook’d his work place, found him in the photos on their page. And for a stupid moment I was going to name & shame them on Facebook and Instagram. Then I remembered that there’s been many a time I’ve acted the prick. And imagine if someone did that shit to me. I’m really not a fan of trial by social media! It’s only ever one side. And everyone jumps on & attacks someone they know nothing about. So I had a word with myself & didn’t be a knob.

I also screamed at a woman, that she was lazy & needed the exercise once 😱 I was trying to park & then see her walking towards the parent & baby space. She had no kids 🀯 I was on the phone to Pete, wound down my window & just went in! Then I parked up, see another woman putting her shopping in without any kids. And told her she was fucking lazy πŸ˜‚ I was on a roll that day 🀣

I think I need some anger management 🀣 I’m getting worse. But sometimes needs must.

I’d have no problem if they put the spaces at the back of the car park, it’s not about how close they are! It’s about the space to either side, so you can open the fucking door wide enough to get a kid out!

And if your kids are older than babies & toddlers then park in a normal space! Get a grip already!

And obviously there are ALWAYS exceptions to everything. So if your kid is older but has extra needs, then park wherever you want. Stop being one of those people who tries to find a problem in everything.

Moral of the story. Don’t be lazy & just walk further. You’ve got legs & it’s not like the walk is ten miles to the doors!

Peace out

Alabama Lola πŸš—

2 thoughts on “Parent & baby space wankers.”

  1. I have just found your blog and it’s fucking great, Really cheered me up today!
    I offered have a row with someone parking in parent and children spaces, the last one was when the woman children (teenagers) was in a secondary school uniform 😀

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