Friends these days.

Totes current affairs type shit. So I was reading the ol’ daily mail the other day. About the love island couple, that were the first to get wed from the show. Olivia & Alex. And how apaz, that Olivia had ‘dumped’ her mate, also from the show, Cara from being a bridesmaid. And upon first glance of the headline, I thought what a bitch that Olivia is! And how that Cara is well right to not attend the wedding now! Imagine being a bridesmaid & then then the bride being like, ‘Soz bebes, I don’t want you now’! You’d be fuming and defo not go to the shit wedding! But once I read more, I changed my mind.

So long story short. Olivia’s getting wed, Cara is bridesmaid. Cara has a baby. Olivia is obvs mucho excited about her wedding. Cara can’t attend all dress fittings & nights of talking wedding shit. Olivia & Cara decide that, maybe being a bridesmaid is a bit too much for Cara, as her baby is her priority. Papers then say, Olivia dropped Cara from being in the wedding party coz she’s a mum.

Now, the whole having a baby & then losing friends shit, really pisses me off. Now, I’ve had 3 babies & so far, I haven’t lost any friends. Mainly because I’m such a good friend to have, they’re all up my arse 💁🏻‍♀️ But on a serous note. The reason is because I don’t have any crazy expectations of my childless, living the best life friends! Just because I’ve had a baby, doesn’t mean that everyone else’s life has to change! I HAD CHILDREN! Not them. I don’t expect my friends to find my children as funny, cute, or as amazing as I do! Do you know why! Because I can remember my life before children. It was such an amazing time & I wish I savoured it me.

But I can remember not wanting to spend time with children! Or thinking fucking hell that kids ugly! why does she think it’s so cute! Why does she keep putting on Facebook, about any child model agency recommendations! But now I’m one of those people. So I have to spend my time with my offspring. But I don’t have to inflict them on other people.

Friendships change so much over the years. There’s a time, when you can be in each others lives errryday. You do everything together. And then you become adults. And even if you don’t have children, adult’ing takes over. Working 40hr weeks, getting a boyfriend/girlfriend, you’re not the top priority in each others lives no more. That’s just life. So to expect someone to make you a top priority allllll the time. Is stupid & just setting yourself up to be mad dog

I see people accusing their friends of being selfish because they think their pals haven’t made an effort. But I personally think that’s selfish. I think it’s selfish to put that guilt on your friends. Life is too short to wait, to see ‘if’ you’re going to get invited somewhere. Knowing that they’re probably not! And only because they’ve presumed, you can’t or won’t come! SO USE YOUR WORDS! And say, oh next time you go out, tell me! I want to go out! And if they carry on not, then find new friends 🤣

But back to the wedding of the year. I haven’t got wed .. YET. Coz obvs I haven’t been asked. But WHEN I do, that day will be allllllllll about me. You have one day. So the run up to the wedding needs to be all about me as well. As does it for every bride. And if your friend can’t do that for you, then she’s a shit head!

Having a baby is amazing & when they’re your first it’s even more, consuming. But to use that as an excuse to not be all, over excited for your pal, is a bit shit.

Now obvs I don’t know the real coo with them. But if you agree to be a bridesmaid or part of the wedding party, then you have to be there for all the wedding hype! And you should be HYPING it up even more! Going along with everything they say or want. It’s her one day. And YOUR baby should not be impacting on her day. Why should they have to think ‘oh she can’t come to dress fitting because of the baby’. The bride should only be thinking about herself!

Obvs friendships work both ways & your life is equally important. And they should want to be part of your life & love your kid. But give these childless people a break Party People. Just be a good friend, like you were before kids!

So to conclude, I think it’s a bit wank that Olivia, has had to put so much consideration into her friend that’s had a baby, on the run up to HER DAY. Let’s all give each other all the ‘days’ they get! We don’t get many for fuck sake!

All things bright & beautiful, all creatures great and small.

Alabama Lola 💍

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