Algebra you slag

You know when your kid and you get all excited about opening a letter. And you’d wonder why your mum, would just pick them up and put them on the side! Not even rushing to open them. Then you become an adult and realise, that the only thing that comes through the letter box, is bills! Every fucking day, some slag company wants money. No French pen pal is writing to me! No, I have epping forest council on the regular, crying about paying the council tax. Which seems to go up every year, yet my car goes down a pot hole every 2 meters, my bins have maggots in them, there’s about 2 policemen to 20,000 residents. Being an adult is dog wank.

So last week, all was well in the world and then I opened my post! And taaadaaaaa a fucking bailiffs letter 😎 Now, if you’re a goody two shoes, pay all your bills on time, then don’t come for me. Because I am not your type of person. It was from the court, telling me I had so many days until a bailiff would call, if I didn’t pay the amount, which is £250. But underneath it, there’s another amount of £3000 🙄 So I didn’t have a clue what they were coming at me for. So I rang the court and the woman tells me, I have a fucking CCJ!!!! News to me biatch! So that kind of stopped me in my tracks. Mainly because I didn’t & still don’t know what a CCJ is, other than the court are getting themselves in involved. So I have to pay it blah blah blah. The court woman gave me the solicitors details, who are acting on behalf of the creditor. So I rang them & they tell me it’s for some credit card I had when I was about 18. But hold fire on that for now.My main concern was the CCJ that’s living life on my credit file now. I told the woman this was the first I’ve heard of it & surely I should of had some kind of chance to deal with it, before it got to a CCJ. She informed me, that yes I did have to be given a chance & been informed of it prior. And she tells me they’ve been sending letters to some address, I haven’t been at for over 5years! And they were getting ‘return to sender’ letters back! Well fuck a duck Sherlock, surely that gave you the heads up! So I’ve had to send some form to the council, blah blah blah, that basically says I want to suspend the debt. And some long letter about wanting to appeal the CCJ. Now the debt, is from years ago! Well over 10years, so some debt advice company that the court woman, gave me the details of. Told me I can appeal it on the basis of it being statute barred, which is basically where a certain amount of time has passed, since any payment or communication was had with the company, so they can’t chase me for it anymore 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Do I feel bad .. NO! First of all, I took the card out when I was 18!!! When every 2 bob company offered me everything and anything! Every time you go shopping & your at the tills paying, the shop assistant is asking you if you want a store card! So now, I’m older and wiser, I think FUCK YOU! I honestly never had a clue when I was 18 about anything to do with credit reports/profiles/scores and how being late on payments, missing payments would fuck you over! When you want to take out a finance on something you really want or need, you can’t! For when you want to get a mortgage, it affects your rate and all that jazz! It makes my blood boil that they don’t teach this shit at school! Why do I need to know that 3.14 shit & all about algebra! When I’ve never used it in real life EVER! Yet, these life skills that really matter, not a fucking mention! Then I get mad dog at my mum and dad, coz they never mentioned this shit either! So there dicks too. But my point being, if these companies want to prey on people. Then fuck them! They can swivel for their money. No 18year old needs a fucking credit card! Or a store card for Ikea … what the fuck was I buying in ikea at 18! And I wouldn’t mind, when I was buying all this shit initially, I had the money to buy it there and then! Because I never went into a shop with the intention of getting a store card! These companies should be held accountable for allowing people to get into debt! And so should the likes of Topshop & new look, who then try and entice you with one at the till! I imagine they get some kind of commission. I know that everyone has a choice and all that jazz. But some people don’t know it’s going to be a problem, until it’s too late. So it really shouldn’t be that easy! I’m only thankful that I was so young, when I was living it up in Topshop errryday. Because it made me realise early doors that I had to pay that shit off. So before it would of attacked me, when it came to buying a house. I’m not saying I’ve knocked everyone. I paid all that shit off years back! But this one is defo getting knocked. The best bit about it all, is when the letter came. And I was trying to sort it out. I wasn’t speaking to the baby daddy. So when I was on the phone to the court and the solicitors, I was speaking loud enough for him to hear. Knowing that it would be killing him! KILLING HIM, to not come down and say WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS FOR 😂 He only asked me today, what i had a letter about 😂 He’s the type of person that I want to be, accounts for all his money. Pays everything on time 🙄 Hates people that spend above their means … so basically hates me! But listen, sometimes the council tax has to send me a reminder letter, so that I can own something i need 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 I really should put that on a direct debit but I forget that shit.Although when I first opened the letter, I did think SHIT, the baby daddy is going to ruin my life 😱😱😱 And then I thought ohhhh fuck yourself! What can he say, I had a life before him. I had a credit card, I didn’t pay it, NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS! Until they repossess our house he pays for 😩😂😂😂 So, if you’re young and fresh. Have your whole life ahead of you kind of thing. Don’t be a dick like I was! Really look after your credit score! I’m going to join that Experian again. And watch mine like hawk, like I did pre mortgage. And if you have kids, tell them about this shit!!!! Oh and the best thing is, I now can’t find the fucking letter! So I don’t know any of my case numbers and the info they ask for! And I need to know that they’ve got that form! To make sure the bailiff doesn’t turn up, take my car, take my tv, take the baby daddy’s playstation 😂 Call the police because I’ve set the dog on him 🙄 Why am i such a shit adult! WHY Mucho love Alabama Lola ✉️

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